WorldVentures Income Disclosure Statement

WorldVentures – hock more travel crap, become rich. Another YTB.

Here’s WorldVenture’s income disclosure statement.

A few highlights:

  • 73% of representatives didn’t earn commission
  • 99% of representatives earned less than $700 per year
  • This is pathetic. It’s the worst income distribution I have seen.

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    1. Daniel

      I just had someone presenting this company to me today. Never heard of it before and as usual all the youtube videos you can find online are by people involved in the company. First thing I did was to review the income statement as you did in this post.
      It truly is ridiculous. They give you this chart full of number of what people in specific positions earn. No where is there any mention of how many people are in this position, how you get in this position and if those numbers are earnings per month, year or decade. Then below in the text most people probably don’t even look at they try to make it as confusing as possible that 73% aren’t earning anything and 99% of the earning ones get less than $700 a YEAR!
      SO RIDICULOUS. I feel sorry for anyone who invested time, energy and money into this scam.

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