Viral Success Network

Viral Success Network isn’t spam. Trust me. It’s also not a scam. Take a look at this video:

You can get so many leads with Viral Success Network. I’m not kidding – these leads are totally legitimate email addresses that the Viral Success Network did not create to trick you into thinking they were real leads.┬áNow I’m no analyst, but this seems like a great opportunity.

Okay, so I lied about everything – even the analyst part. Viral Success Network is a scam within a scam… wrapped in a buzzword-friendly title. If you watch the video, you’ll see how this user captured almost 300 leads in just 2 days! Wow! Hang on, let’s think about this for a second… this doesn’t sound right. You’re paying to join a network in order to reuse ad content that all of the other subscribers are using in order to pay for media to show the same content everyone else is showing to capture leads on some landing page to hopefully sell products from the MLM you’re currently paying for. You also say you’re getting hundreds of leads within a few days with minimal effort? Sounds fishy. Hang on, I think I’m on to something… bear with me here.

Oh yeah. It’s a scam.

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