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The Wazzub Scam in a Nutshell

So I’ve been posting a lot of information on this Wazzub scam and I recently stubmbled upon their Blogspot site. Wazzub goes into gory detail on how they “aren’t a scam.” That’s fantastic, but I can’t peel my eyes off of the background that was ripped straight from Geocities. There’s also an entertaining thread on scam.com where people are talking about this pyramid scheme. I encourage you to check it out. See if you can find where they call out the prestigious school “Stand Ford”.

Wazzub – MLM Scam Meets Search

Let me introduce you to Wazzub – Google’s next big threat. In fact, they used Google Image Search to design their background (HINT: search for “girl pointing” and then “money bag”). Apparently Wazzub is planning on launching a search “business” based on profit-sharing from PPC (Pay-Per-Click) affiliate links. The catch is the people who you sign up have to be the ones who click on the PPC ads. I hope your down-lines love ads! Fortunately, signing up is easy and free… until April… then you have to pay. Anyways, you really need to watch this video – it’s absolutely hilarious.

“100,000 members in 12 days? For SURE it’s a WORLD RECORD!” Forget Google+ getting over 10,000,000 members in 2 weeks – that was some kind of fluke.