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Believe – The MLM Mockumentary

Anyone heard of this movie? The trailer seems to hit all of the right chords. There are a few clips on YouTube that make it come across a bit stale, but it might be a funny film if you’re into this niche. Check out the Believe Wikipedia page for more info and the Believe IMDB page to see what people think of it.

Here it is on Amazon for something like $2:

Numis Network – The Ponzi Scheme MLM

So this Numis Network sells gold and silver coins to unsuspecting buyers as an “investment.” The hook is that these “investors” aren’t taking a risk since they company will give the buyers a full refund if they can’t sell the coins within 5 years! Sounds great! … You know, as long as gold and silver keep climbing in value. I’m giving the creators some credit on this one – this is a pretty good idea. Wait for the gold/silver bubble to inflate then disappear when it pops. Morons like the one in the video below purchase these trinkets for more than what the thing is worth in the first place:

As long as the bubble is growing, people can sell the product back and it’s effectively accruing interest. When the bubble pops (or the company inevitably/mysteriously disappears), I would LOVE to hear how many people are able to get their refund checks. Textbook Ponzi scheme – well, maybe. People invest in the company and the company doesn’t really have the capital, you get the gist. Technicalities aside, I think we all know where this scam’s headed.

Amway Income Disclosure Statement

We’re back with more of everyone’s favorite Income Disclosure Statements! This time we have Amway – but what’s the verdict?

Retail Consultants
Total in the UK: 13,270
Number of whom earned commission: 5,522
Average monthly income (of those who earned money): £42
Highest monthly income recorded: £976

Certified Retail Consultants
Total: 7,640
Earned commission: 6,211
Average monthly income: £114
Highest recorded income: £4,200

Business Consultants
Total: 50
Monthly income: £2,300

Total: 45
Monthly income: £7,00

Total: 3
Monthly income: £15,00

Total: 1
Monthly income: £50,000

Amway UK Income Disclosure Statement