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ZeekRewards Income Disclosure Statement

Everyone’s favorite MLM – ZeekRewards – has released an income disclosure statement! Here it is (opens in a new tab/window):


Wait hang on. First of all, what the hell is ZeekRewards? Let’s hear an opinion from a guy who totally doesn’t look like a white supremacist (he isn’t, I don’t think…?):

Okay so apparently it’s some kind of affiliate program, blah, blah blah. I don’t really care, all MLM’s are effectively the same. I would create a fun little chart, but they don’t disclose too many details. ┬áLet’s work with what we’ve got, though!

ZeekRewards Riches N’ Bitches

Okay, so I just made that name up… but here’s the stats:

  • 64% of all distributors made no income at all
  • Median income: $0 (makes sense since more than half made nothing)
  • Average income: $1,076

That’s actually not too bad, considering more than half make nothing at all. Unfortunately, we aren’t considering setup costs, monthly fees, and additional operating costs. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it costs money to drive traffic to a site… so users are likely using some kind of paid media to drive this traffic to Zeekler or whatever the site is called. Anyways, enjoy!

Wazzub Media Blitz

Wazzub is on a media blitz. If you missed our earlier post Wazzub – MLM Scam Meets Search, I suggest you read it before watching these. Without further adieu… videos:

Talking about the “Wazzub profit triangle”

Is Wazzub the next Google?