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2011 MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement

It’s that time again, folks!  The 2011 Income Disclosure Statements are here!  Let’s hope 2011 proves to be as depressing as 2010′s!  I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.  Let’s take a look at the post from last year (looks like they took the 2010 PDF down).  Here’s a fun visualization I made to celebrate the release of the income disclosure statement for this year:

MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement Infographic

Also here’s the official link to their MonaVie’s IDS:


Organo Gold Buys Stormy Wellington

Here we go again… Atlanta’s darling Stormy Wellington was the mascot of Ardyss International, but has now been contracted by Organo Gold because of some kind of dispute – probably over compensation. Like a true professional, she didn’t mention her previous company’s name but didn’t stop short of talking trash. Drama! Here’s the video:

She calls out the “haters” in her video. I suppose I’m probably one of the “haters” because I rank high with “Stormy Wellington Scam” in search engines… at least I hope I am a hater… that would be flattering.

So here’s my “hater” message to all MLM’s: I’m a hater because you scam people out of their money. You build a cult of personality to take money from people who are guaranteed ROI. That’s it… that and it’s easy. Multi-level marketers are masochists.

Haters Gonna Hate


This multi-level marketing health scam really makes me feel inadequate.  I created this site called Fresh Aer – it was really based on health scams like Genasante.  Check out this incredibly boring video.

No cars? No boats? No happy family skipping on a beach? Are Canadian MLM’s more focused on fake science than the opportunity to gain some sweet supplemental income?

Solid Ambitions – The Dead MLM

I thought everyone would appreciate a new MLM. I’ve been picking on Stormy Wellington over my past few posts so I figured it might be better to switch gears a bit. Here’s Solid Ambitions. Oooooo! Ahhhh! This (seemingly-defunct) MLM is/was in the business of making you healthy! They practice the hard-sell by doing it by the books. Tell an unrelated story, talk about bogus facts, talk about the product, then push for the sale – you know the drill. Anyways, this one is better-used as background noise than anything else (it’s 25 minutes!!). Enjoy.

If you want to take a blast to the past, take a look at their website: http://www.solidambitions.com/