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“I was pathetic, unmotivated, useless, and lazy – but in 25 minutes I earned $1,000,000.”

So I was watching this video expecting Stormy was heading to Florida (because I RSS her GPS). Something looked familiar… too familiar. Apparently Peachtree Road in Atlanta is the new Florida.

Here are her follow-up videos – Stormy goes to New York City:

And Stormy goes to Canada:

Ardyss International – Featuring STORMY WELLINGTON

Not to be confused with Beefy Wellington, Stormy Wellington is a PLATINUM PRESIDENT of Ardyss International (herbal supplements). At what point do you transcend President to become a Platinum President? There are CEO’s, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, CIO’s, CMO’s, Directors… but Platinum President? Huh. Watch the video to “peep” STORMY WELLINGTON’s rise to success by being at the top of the pyramid.