Success in 10 Steps – The MLM Subculture

People who participate in MLM’s are like good friends. They stick together. They all have similar friends – and since they are all in the same financial situations, they burn through MLM’s like a hobby and all see the business world through the same lens. They don’t want to be “pigeonholed” in the corporate world (think reporting to “the man”), but want to express their entrepreneurial freedom without the heavy-lifting. Anyways – there’s a special group of people – these people sell books and eBooks. The best sample of crazy MLM’ers is seen in the sample of those who hock the “Success in 10 Steps” books. Through selling this eBook, they have no shortage of advice to give you as an independent business owner. It’s like getting sales advice from a Blockbuster sales clerk – no demand, low/no pay, and experience selling obsolete products.

Without further adieu, I introduce Lawrence Bergfeld’s words of wisdom:

“Download the book and learn how to cook – take care.”

Bonus footage – pig wrastlin’!

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