New Season of MLM Madness

Alright – we’ve been getting some consistent traffic. Posting daily MLM videos/content isn’t always easy since there’s only so much content. I’ll try to run another season of updates until the well runs dry again. Hope everyone has been doing well since our last run!


-MLM Madness Team

2011 MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement

It’s that time again, folks!  The 2011 Income Disclosure Statements are here!  Let’s hope 2011 proves to be as depressing as 2010′s!  I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.  Let’s take a look at the post from last year (looks like they took the 2010 PDF down).  Here’s a fun visualization I made to celebrate the release of the income disclosure statement for this year:

MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement Infographic

Also here’s the official link to their MonaVie’s IDS:

Organo Gold Buys Stormy Wellington

Here we go again… Atlanta’s darling Stormy Wellington was the mascot of Ardyss International, but has now been contracted by Organo Gold because of some kind of dispute – probably over compensation. Like a true professional, she didn’t mention her previous company’s name but didn’t stop short of talking trash. Drama! Here’s the video:

She calls out the “haters” in her video. I suppose I’m probably one of the “haters” because I rank high with “Stormy Wellington Scam” in search engines… at least I hope I am a hater… that would be flattering.

So here’s my “hater” message to all MLM’s: I’m a hater because you scam people out of their money. You build a cult of personality to take money from people who are guaranteed ROI. That’s it… that and it’s easy. Multi-level marketers are masochists.

Haters Gonna Hate

The MLM Rant from a MLM Lover

I feel like I cheated you all with that last post. This is a little more interesting. Here’s a guy who is filming a video in a bar somewhere in China or Japan (note the ¥5.00 sign) – it makes you wonder if he has any friends or if he’s just this weirdo in a bar trying to flex his MLM knowledge over a beer. Anyways, he starts off saying how MLM’s are an “equal opportunity employer” (I suppose real companies tend to discriminate against morons – yikes!) and goes on about how it’s such a great business model – even though you are more likely to win money from slot machines than earning a net profit in MLM’s. Anyways, just watch – it’s pretty sad: