MLM Home Videos

This woman will document the life of her kids through MLM home videos:

Not too bad – she’s just taking her kids to an aquarium. Forget that she’s hocking some “Mastermind Tricks” scam in public. Let’s watch another.

Ah, Viral Success Network! Sounds like she moved on from Mastermind Tricks. Hmm… hang on a second… kid on a trampoline. Nothing can go wrong while she’s filming this video.


She’s at the Hall of Science because she doesn’t have to be in a cubicle. Hmmm…

Look, I’m not going to say being with your kid is a bad thing. When she asks “Is this what you want to be doing?” – if the answer isn’t a resounding “No” then you’re some kind of masochist. I’d love to spend $20 to go to a museum and use my kids as a prop for hocking my MLM! Sounds like a dream come true!

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