HealthNation Scam Information, Continued…

I promised we would talk about HealthNation and Telemedicine again – so here we are. For those who missed the previous post, scroll to the bottom of the page and it will be at the top of the “Related Links” list. I suggest you watch the thrilling intro video for HealthNation & Telemedicine. I did a little research and I get the idea of telemedicine. Hypochondriacs save a doctors visit – whoopee. So what can I do to get you onto my telemedicine insurance plan today? It’s like WebMD – except you’re paying someone to browse the site for you!

I admit – I was skeptical at first. I thought maybe I was picking on an innocent bystander… you know, someone who made a terrible landing page to promote a deplorable product:

Maybe it wasn’t fair to pick on these people:

Hell, they could just be insurance salesman! Wait, no… it’s a pyramid scheme:

Feel free to leave a comment. I did. Let’s do the math. It’s a $400 buy-in… so the first 3 you recruit would be $150. So you’re still out $250. However, you ALSO get $50 from the first 3 those 3 recruit, so wait… hang on… you will have earned $50 by the time you have your 12-person pyramid! Well, let’s say 2 of the 3 you recruit are terrible recruiters and don’t hook anyone. You have to recruit 12 additional people on your own to make up that cost. Totally worth it!

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