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Stormy Wellington Reality Show

Stormy Wellington is brilliant. I could have an entire blog related to her antics. Hell, this blog is 90% Stormy YouTube, 10% other junk. If you don’t know who Stormy Wellington is – here she is, complete with a sob story:

The part that makes me sick is she is still hocking network marketing. We’re really in store for a treat, though! She will have her OWN reality show! Please tell me it will be on public access TV!

Here she partnered with a local Atlanta radio station: V-103. Note that this station doesn’t exactly capture the NPR audience.

I’d love to see a fellow millionaire inspired by this woman. She’s as bad as the Lotto commercials that say “Today could be your day!” With MLM’s? No, today will not be your day. Neither will tomorrow. Or the next. Do the math. Stop listening to bullshit.

If saying “Do the math” didn’t convince you, check out the income disclosure statements from other MLM’s. Trust me, they aren’t unique little snowflakes. They are scams.

Organo Gold Buys Stormy Wellington

Here we go again… Atlanta’s darling Stormy Wellington was the mascot of Ardyss International, but has now been contracted by Organo Gold because of some kind of dispute – probably over compensation. Like a true professional, she didn’t mention her previous company’s name but didn’t stop short of talking trash. Drama! Here’s the video:

She calls out the “haters” in her video. I suppose I’m probably one of the “haters” because I rank high with “Stormy Wellington Scam” in search engines… at least I hope I am a hater… that would be flattering.

So here’s my “hater” message to all MLM’s: I’m a hater because you scam people out of their money. You build a cult of personality to take money from people who are guaranteed ROI. That’s it… that and it’s easy. Multi-level marketers are masochists.

Haters Gonna Hate

Wazzub Media Blitz

Wazzub is on a media blitz. If you missed our earlier post Wazzub – MLM Scam Meets Search, I suggest you read it before watching these. Without further adieu… videos:

Talking about the “Wazzub profit triangle”

Is Wazzub the next Google?

Organo Gold – It’s Faaaantastic

Hey guys, I was just taking a long hike with my video camera and I thought I would read this prepared speech about Organo Gold, which I am TOTALLY not partnered with. I just love Organo Gold. Another notch on the ole “don’t get disappointed about your failure at multi-level marketing” board. It’s honestly not you… it’s the company. It’s physically impossible for 99% of multi-level marketers to succeed.