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New Season of MLM Madness

Alright – we’ve been getting some consistent traffic. Posting daily MLM videos/content isn’t always easy since there’s only so much content. I’ll try to run another season of updates until the well runs dry again. Hope everyone has been doing well since our last run!


-MLM Madness Team

Believe – The MLM Mockumentary

Anyone heard of this movie? The trailer seems to hit all of the right chords. There are a few clips on YouTube that make it come across a bit stale, but it might be a funny film if you’re into this niche. Check out the Believe Wikipedia page for more info and the Believe IMDB page to see what people think of it.

Here it is on Amazon for something like $2:

MLM Madness Gets a New Look!

I like plain. My last theme was over-the-top. I am now using the Blaskan theme, which is a responsive design theme (try making your screen smaller to figure out what “responsive” means). To check out the designer’s page, go click here. Let me know what you think, too!

Edit: Oh yeah, and I stopped that “Solid Ambitions” video from auto-playing. Had no idea it was doing that. Very annoying. Probably lost some traffic from that one. Heh.

Edit 2: I also decreased the total volume of posts on one page to improve site load speed.