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ViSalus Income Disclosure Statement

Looking for a ViSalus income disclosure statement? They’re a private company, so data was tough to find – however, we worked with what we had and came up with some neat numbers. If you’re not familiar with ViSalus, it is some dietary supplement. It’s your run-of-the-mill MLM. Don’t know much about them? Take a look:

This isn’t too unique.

Techno? Check.
Cheesy job titles? Check.
“Blue-collar” sob stories? Check.
Subtle religious undertones? Check.
Materialistic fixation? Double-check.

Back to why you’re here. You probably want information on their income disclosure statement. Well? That’s not so easy. According to Kestrel on the Quatloos forums, 43% of the company is/was owned by Blyth Inc, which is a public company.

Income Disclosure Statement

Alright, so we got that out of the way. Kestrel did a little digging so I didn’t have to. Here’s the income disclosure statement for Blyth, Inc. Apparently Blyth is a modestly successful company. They don’t appear to be in the red, but as the distributor for a lot of these diet supplement companies, I wouldn’t expect them to be. So apparently the gap between sales and distributors is growing… but at what pace? Well, with a 300+% increase in distributors and a 150% increase in total sales – let’s break it down.

Let’s say they have 30,000 distributors last year (I made this number up) who comprised the $13,000,000 in sales. That’s over $430 per person. Since then, they have grown by an additional 90,000 (30,000 + 30,000*300%). They should now have 120,000 members. Sales? Well that increased by over 150%! They’re up to $33,000,000. At the end of the day, they’re at $275 per person. Sounds like a lot, though, right? Heh, well… they don’t just sell shakes.

To even begin to sell, you have to fork over $50. That’s for the base kit.

But wait… there’s more! You ALSO have to pay the $49 entry fee to become a “Basic Distributor”. That’s not so bad, though…

Until you realize you can’t even make a profit until you’re an Active Distributor. That will cost you another $125 per month. Yikes!

So where did we net out? Hmm… $125 per month minimum with a $100 entry fee. That’s a cool $225 per person to even begin to make a profit – all of this factoring into ViSalus’ sales figures. In total, each person is theoretically spending an extra $50 total.

Oh, and also keep in mind this factors in the profit they make from conferences, merchandise, and other fees. Let’s just settle and say they’re pocketing some serious cash while the worker bees build a personal labyrinth of debt.

Anyways – if this post wasn’t satisfying enough, here’s a cute little article about ViSalus. Note the room full of “multi-millionaires”. Ha. Yeah, okay.

ZeekRewards Income Disclosure Statement

Everyone’s favorite MLM – ZeekRewards – has released an income disclosure statement! Here it is (opens in a new tab/window):

Wait hang on. First of all, what the hell is ZeekRewards? Let’s hear an opinion from a guy who totally doesn’t look like a white supremacist (he isn’t, I don’t think…?):

Okay so apparently it’s some kind of affiliate program, blah, blah blah. I don’t really care, all MLM’s are effectively the same. I would create a fun little chart, but they don’t disclose too many details.  Let’s work with what we’ve got, though!

ZeekRewards Riches N’ Bitches

Okay, so I just made that name up… but here’s the stats:

  • 64% of all distributors made no income at all
  • Median income: $0 (makes sense since more than half made nothing)
  • Average income: $1,076

That’s actually not too bad, considering more than half make nothing at all. Unfortunately, we aren’t considering setup costs, monthly fees, and additional operating costs. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it costs money to drive traffic to a site… so users are likely using some kind of paid media to drive this traffic to Zeekler or whatever the site is called. Anyways, enjoy!

2011 MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement

It’s that time again, folks!  The 2011 Income Disclosure Statements are here!  Let’s hope 2011 proves to be as depressing as 2010′s!  I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.  Let’s take a look at the post from last year (looks like they took the 2010 PDF down).  Here’s a fun visualization I made to celebrate the release of the income disclosure statement for this year:

MonaVie Income Disclosure Statement Infographic

Also here’s the official link to their MonaVie’s IDS:

Amway Income Disclosure Statement

We’re back with more of everyone’s favorite Income Disclosure Statements! This time we have Amway – but what’s the verdict?

Retail Consultants
Total in the UK: 13,270
Number of whom earned commission: 5,522
Average monthly income (of those who earned money): £42
Highest monthly income recorded: £976

Certified Retail Consultants
Total: 7,640
Earned commission: 6,211
Average monthly income: £114
Highest recorded income: £4,200

Business Consultants
Total: 50
Monthly income: £2,300

Total: 45
Monthly income: £7,00

Total: 3
Monthly income: £15,00

Total: 1
Monthly income: £50,000

Amway UK Income Disclosure Statement

Mona’Vie Income Disclosure Statement

Here’s Mona’Vie’s Income Disclosure Statement. You can see some graphical statistics on my MLM Statistics page (this page has been taken down for maintenance).

Spoiler alert: Only 1 person in 1,000 earns over $100 per week. For you Bachelor of Arts grads out there, that’s 0.01% 0.1% of Mona’Vie (I kid, BA’s, I kid).