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ViSalus Income Disclosure Statement

Looking for a ViSalus income disclosure statement? They’re a private company, so data was tough to find – however, we worked with what we had and came up with some neat numbers. If you’re not familiar with ViSalus, it is some dietary supplement. It’s your run-of-the-mill MLM. Don’t know much about them? Take a look:

This isn’t too unique.

Techno? Check.
Cheesy job titles? Check.
“Blue-collar” sob stories? Check.
Subtle religious undertones? Check.
Materialistic fixation? Double-check.

Back to why you’re here. You probably want information on their income disclosure statement. Well? That’s not so easy. According to Kestrel on the Quatloos forums, 43% of the company is/was owned by Blyth Inc, which is a public company.

Income Disclosure Statement

Alright, so we got that out of the way. Kestrel did a little digging so I didn’t have to. Here’s the income disclosure statement for Blyth, Inc. Apparently Blyth is a modestly successful company. They don’t appear to be in the red, but as the distributor for a lot of these diet supplement companies, I wouldn’t expect them to be. So apparently the gap between sales and distributors is growing… but at what pace? Well, with a 300+% increase in distributors and a 150% increase in total sales – let’s break it down.

Let’s say they have 30,000 distributors last year (I made this number up) who comprised the $13,000,000 in sales. That’s over $430 per person. Since then, they have grown by an additional 90,000 (30,000 + 30,000*300%). They should now have 120,000 members. Sales? Well that increased by over 150%! They’re up to $33,000,000. At the end of the day, they’re at $275 per person. Sounds like a lot, though, right? Heh, well… they don’t just sell shakes.

To even begin to sell, you have to fork over $50. That’s for the base kit.

But wait… there’s more! You ALSO have to pay the $49 entry fee to become a “Basic Distributor”. That’s not so bad, though…

Until you realize you can’t even make a profit until you’re an Active Distributor. That will cost you another $125 per month. Yikes!

So where did we net out? Hmm… $125 per month minimum with a $100 entry fee. That’s a cool $225 per person to even begin to make a profit – all of this factoring into ViSalus’ sales figures. In total, each person is theoretically spending an extra $50 total.

Oh, and also keep in mind this factors in the profit they make from conferences, merchandise, and other fees. Let’s just settle and say they’re pocketing some serious cash while the worker bees build a personal labyrinth of debt.

Anyways – if this post wasn’t satisfying enough, here’s a cute little article about ViSalus. Note the room full of “multi-millionaires”. Ha. Yeah, okay.


This multi-level marketing health scam really makes me feel inadequate.  I created this site called Fresh Aer – it was really based on health scams like Genasante.  Check out this incredibly boring video.

No cars? No boats? No happy family skipping on a beach? Are Canadian MLM’s more focused on fake science than the opportunity to gain some sweet supplemental income?

HealthNation Scam Information, Continued…

I promised we would talk about HealthNation and Telemedicine again – so here we are. For those who missed the previous post, scroll to the bottom of the page and it will be at the top of the “Related Links” list. I suggest you watch the thrilling intro video for HealthNation & Telemedicine. I did a little research and I get the idea of telemedicine. Hypochondriacs save a doctors visit – whoopee. So what can I do to get you onto my telemedicine insurance plan today? It’s like WebMD – except you’re paying someone to browse the site for you!

I admit – I was skeptical at first. I thought maybe I was picking on an innocent bystander… you know, someone who made a terrible landing page to promote a deplorable product:

Maybe it wasn’t fair to pick on these people:

Hell, they could just be insurance salesman! Wait, no… it’s a pyramid scheme:

Feel free to leave a comment. I did. Let’s do the math. It’s a $400 buy-in… so the first 3 you recruit would be $150. So you’re still out $250. However, you ALSO get $50 from the first 3 those 3 recruit, so wait… hang on… you will have earned $50 by the time you have your 12-person pyramid! Well, let’s say 2 of the 3 you recruit are terrible recruiters and don’t hook anyone. You have to recruit 12 additional people on your own to make up that cost. Totally worth it!

Solid Ambitions – The Dead MLM

I thought everyone would appreciate a new MLM. I’ve been picking on Stormy Wellington over my past few posts so I figured it might be better to switch gears a bit. Here’s Solid Ambitions. Oooooo! Ahhhh! This (seemingly-defunct) MLM is/was in the business of making you healthy! They practice the hard-sell by doing it by the books. Tell an unrelated story, talk about bogus facts, talk about the product, then push for the sale – you know the drill. Anyways, this one is better-used as background noise than anything else (it’s 25 minutes!!). Enjoy.

If you want to take a blast to the past, take a look at their website: