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MLM Home Videos

This woman will document the life of her kids through MLM home videos:

Not too bad – she’s just taking her kids to an aquarium. Forget that she’s hocking some “Mastermind Tricks” scam in public. Let’s watch another.

Ah, Viral Success Network! Sounds like she moved on from Mastermind Tricks. Hmm… hang on a second… kid on a trampoline. Nothing can go wrong while she’s filming this video.


She’s at the Hall of Science because she doesn’t have to be in a cubicle. Hmmm…

Look, I’m not going to say being with your kid is a bad thing. When she asks “Is this what you want to be doing?” – if the answer isn’t a resounding “No” then you’re some kind of masochist. I’d love to spend $20 to go to a museum and use my kids as a prop for hocking my MLM! Sounds like a dream come true!

Organo Gold Buys Stormy Wellington

Here we go again… Atlanta’s darling Stormy Wellington was the mascot of Ardyss International, but has now been contracted by Organo Gold because of some kind of dispute – probably over compensation. Like a true professional, she didn’t mention her previous company’s name but didn’t stop short of talking trash. Drama! Here’s the video:

She calls out the “haters” in her video. I suppose I’m probably one of the “haters” because I rank high with “Stormy Wellington Scam” in search engines… at least I hope I am a hater… that would be flattering.

So here’s my “hater” message to all MLM’s: I’m a hater because you scam people out of their money. You build a cult of personality to take money from people who are guaranteed ROI. That’s it… that and it’s easy. Multi-level marketers are masochists.

Haters Gonna Hate

The MLM Rant from a MLM Lover

I feel like I cheated you all with that last post. This is a little more interesting. Here’s a guy who is filming a video in a bar somewhere in China or Japan (note the ¥5.00 sign) – it makes you wonder if he has any friends or if he’s just this weirdo in a bar trying to flex his MLM knowledge over a beer. Anyways, he starts off saying how MLM’s are an “equal opportunity employer” (I suppose real companies tend to discriminate against morons – yikes!) and goes on about how it’s such a great business model – even though you are more likely to win money from slot machines than earning a net profit in MLM’s. Anyways, just watch – it’s pretty sad:

Believe – The MLM Mockumentary

Anyone heard of this movie? The trailer seems to hit all of the right chords. There are a few clips on YouTube that make it come across a bit stale, but it might be a funny film if you’re into this niche. Check out the Believe Wikipedia page for more info and the Believe IMDB page to see what people think of it.

Here it is on Amazon for something like $2:

Wazzub – MLM Scam Meets Search

Let me introduce you to Wazzub – Google’s next big threat. In fact, they used Google Image Search to design their background (HINT: search for “girl pointing” and then “money bag”). Apparently Wazzub is planning on launching a search “business” based on profit-sharing from PPC (Pay-Per-Click) affiliate links. The catch is the people who you sign up have to be the ones who click on the PPC ads. I hope your down-lines love ads! Fortunately, signing up is easy and free… until April… then you have to pay. Anyways, you really need to watch this video – it’s absolutely hilarious.

“100,000 members in 12 days? For SURE it’s a WORLD RECORD!” Forget Google+ getting over 10,000,000 members in 2 weeks – that was some kind of fluke.